The 4 best Delphi Programming Books

Integrated Development Environment allows us to code in a particular programming language, run the program, test the program and compile it. One such environment is Delphi. Even though some programming languages have their IDE with the programming language name, there are other IDEs whose names are different from the name of the programming language used to code in them. Delphi IDE is an example of this, as the IDE is used to code in Object Pascal. Pascal is a procedural and imperative language that Niklaus Wirth developed. The small language is aimed at encouraging good practices while programming including data structuring and structural programming. The Delphi IDE allows us to code with Pascal. This article will discuss 4 top books that can enhance your Delphi programming skills.

Expert Delphi

  • Covers from basic to advance Delphi IDE programming
  • A detailed explanation of codes
  • Properly organized and covers major topics.

Expert Delphi was written by Pawel Glowacki on 30 June 2017. The book is a great general guide for programmers who are new to Delphi as well as Delphi programmers. The book explains vital concepts including FireMonkey Library, Internet of things interaction and teaches you how to carry out Cloud services integration. The book teaches how to have good GUIs, web services creation and development of server-side applications.

The book starts by highlighting the fundamental Delphi primer that can aid in getting used to the Object Pascal Programming language and the Integrated Development Environment. The book will aid in the understanding of applications architecture and also show you some important FireMonkey library concepts. By the time you are through with the book, you will have the ability to create native, cross-platform and powerful apps for Android and iOS without using any code. The pros of the book include:

Delphi High Performance

  • Teaches how to use the right algorithm to fix performance bottlenecks
  • Content of creating concurrent and efficient Delphi applications
  • Teaches memory management.

Delphi High Performance was released on 9 March 2018 and authored by Primoz Gabrijelcic. The major problem a lot of people who want to delve into programming encounter is how to create algorithms. It is still generally easier to learn that code does this and how it should be used. However, when it gets to algorithms, there is no straight forward way. It will be required that an individual should be able to think and create the right logical algorithm to solve his problems. This book is one of the few Delphi IDE books that help with tutorials on how you can enhance your algorithm development techniques. Subsequently, the book covers parallel programming and the many tools that you will be used to create very concurrent applications. After this, the book covers code performance and how to improve cross-platform RTL before rounding up with how to manage memories and leverage on the many external libraries available in Delphi. Thus, the book offers complete programming and Delphi IDE knowledge in the creation of codes. The pros of the IDE include:

Delphi GUI Programming with FireMonkey

  • Teaches GUI program customization
  • Explains User interaction enhancement by explaining the latest FireMonkey advancements
  • Guides you as you create amazing look app by utilizing the latest FMX styles for various platforms.

The book was authored by Andrea Magni and released on 11 July 2018. A major factor that has differentiated modern applications from the much older ones is GUI. Being able to create an application with a great GUI is always encouraged. This book covers the creation of amazing GUI interfaces for your app, irrespective of the platform you intend to deploy the app. The book begins by briefly introducing the reader into the framework of FireMonkey. Here the architectural and basic information about FireMonkey is described as well as how it is different from VCL. The book them comprehensively explains FMX and covers topic like elastic UIs, style concept and main parts. The book further discusses the fact that it is important for any application to be responsive. It also covers what you should do and what you should not do when programming UIs and parallel programming. By the time you have finished reading the book, you would have gotten valuable insight into the features of FMX framework and animations amongst others. The pros of the book include:

Hands-On Design Patterns with Delphi

  • Guides you in choosing the correct patterns for the productivity and efficiency of your improved program
  • Brushes you up on best practices, techniques, and tricks for solving common architectural and design challenges.
  • Takes you through Delphi components and core patterns so that you can master the design of applications.

The book was authored by Primoz Gabrijelcic and released on 9 April 2019. There are a lot of programming situations that design patterns have been proven to be able to solve. This book will familiarize you with the language as well as its runtime library capabilities. The book utilizes real-world example to help you understand and learn various design patterns at the start of the book. The design patterns concept will be briefly explained as well as the ‘Gang of Four’ patterns that will aid your ability to efficiently structure your designs. This would be followed by the vital anti-patterns that are not very good practices when developing software. The knowledge of the anti-patterns will make it easier for you to avoid problems that usage of anti-patterns can cause. The other aspects covered in the book include 8 very vital patterns for behavioral, structural and creational type, concurrency pattern concept and patterns peculiar to the design of programs. The pros of the application include:


Delphi is a very powerful program that can be used to create a wide range of programs including mobile solutions. The books listed above will help you make significant progress as a new or intermediate Delphi programmer. They also serve as great reference materials for advanced Delphi programmers.

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