The 4 best Ubuntu Books

The Official Ubuntu Book (9th Edition)

  • This book guides you about from installation to customizing Ubuntu.
  • Includes advanced features such as RAID and LVM
  • Further learn the advance usage of highly efficient Ubuntu command line

Ubuntu is the most powerful and prominent operating system. It has won the hearts and minds of millions of users in the world. So Ubuntu is a strong technical platform and has an enthusiastic global community of users. Moreover, it is a heaven of developers. So the majority of the developers prefer Ubuntu over other platforms.

It means if you are a developer, you would be considering this stunning platform. If so, The Official Ubuntu Book is the best option for you. The main objective of this book is to make Ubuntu even more pleasant and productive as well. Furthermore, this guide is an ideal one-stop information source for Ubuntu novices. Besides, it is an optimal guide for those moving toward power-user status. And upgrading from older versions.

In addition to this, the authors focus on everything you need to know. Such as installation, media, application, administration, and much more. The official Ubuntu book facilitates you to discover powerful Unity desktop improvements. Moreover, the latest version is more friendly and convenient. Besides, this book allows you to contact with the impressive community as well. It further offers different incredible resources to enhance your skills.

So this book includes downloading, installing and configuring Ubuntu. You further learn to customize Ubuntu for performance. This book covers in detail the most valuable tool for developers that is the command line.

Ubuntu Unleashed 2019 Edition: Covering 18.04, 18.10, and 19. 04 (13th Edition)

  • This guide starts with the configuration and use of Ubuntu desktop
  • Learn to automate tasks and shell scripting
  • Further learn about administrative tasks, LDAP, DNS and HTTP

Ubuntu Unleased 2019 Edition covers the latest and unique features of Ubuntu 18.04 and 19.04. This book also makes you capable to use Ubuntu professionally. So this new edition includes two new chapters. These new chapters reflect the exciting new Ubuntu 28.04 LTS release.

So this incredible guide provides the installation and configuration guide. Moreover, it passes through productivity, development, and multimedia. This book further teaches you server operations, networking, and virtualization. So both beginners and advanced users are beneficiaries of this source.

Ubuntu Unleased 2019 Edition introduces key productivity and web development tools as well. Besides, you will learn programming languages and hardware support as well. This guide further explores new Ubuntu desktop experience, software stacks, and common web servers. You will find new containers such as Docker and Kubernetes as well.

First, you will learn about the basic configuration and usage of Ubuntu. You will then get started with productivity applications such as LibreOffice. You will further manage different software packages and Linux services. This book further makes you the pro in the command line. The list goes a long way. Such as you will learn about automating tasks and shell scripting. Besides this, you will learn how to get secure access and configure a secure VPN.

Ubuntu Linux Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for Ubuntu and Debian Power Users

  • This book cover installation, administration, and configuration.
  • Further learn about advance security options
  • Cover the process of setting up services such as Apache, CUPS, and Samba

Ubuntu Linux Toolbox teaches you how to get the most out Ubuntu. As the book name suggests, you will learn many incredible tools to polish your skills. After learning those skills, you will be capable to use Ubuntu like a pro. Besides this, tools help you to manage files systems and to make a connection with different networks.

In addition to this, you will learn different techniques to secure your Ubuntu system. This book further explains the latest long term support often referred to as the LTS release of Ubuntu. The main objective of this book to make you capable to learn Ubuntu Linux as quickly as possible.

What you will learn in this book? It covers installation, shell primer, and the desktop. You will further learn about administrative tasks, servers, and security. Furthermore, you will dive into the popular applications of web, emails and productivity suites.

You will professionally highlight and set up services such as CUPS, Samba and Apache. Besides, this book takes you as a beginner and later lifts you at the level of advanced users. So after the completion of this book, you will be proficient in all administrative tasks.

Mastering Ubuntu Server: Master the art of deploying, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting Ubuntu Server 18.04, 2nd Edition

  • This book covers basic to advanced concepts of Ubuntu.
  • Further learn all advanced features of Ubuntu server 18.04
  • Cover different cutting-edge technologies such as containers and virtualizations

Ubuntu is very popular in the developer community and data centers. Moreover, this OS is very useful for small offices for large-scale projects. Besides, it is stable and customizable. The latest Ubuntu server has innovative and cutting-edge features. So Mastering Ubuntu Server is a precise source that helps you to deploy and maintain simple to complex Ubuntu servers.

In addition to this, Ubuntu has a flexible nature that easily meets the need of your organization. So this book starts with basic concepts such as user and group management. It further continues filesystem permissions. Such as store management, and formatting storage devices. Later you learn about how to virtualize hosts and applications.

Besides this, it moves to set up KVM/ QWMU. You will further learn about containerization such as LXD and Docker. As the book continues, you find how to automate configuration using Ansible and learn about writing scripts. Moreover, you can use NFS and Samba to share different directories with users.

Next, you move to the troubleshooting techniques. Even you can troubleshoot while working on the real-world scenarios of Ubuntu Server. Besides this, you learn how to encrypt and decrypt disks using Linux Unified Key Setup.

This comprehensive guide covers different management skills for Apache and MariaDB. So as name claims, you will be master after the completion of this book.

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