The 4 best Unity Books

Unity in Action: Multiplatform game development in C#

  • This book helps you to create 2D and 3D games using Unity.
  • Learn character building that jumps, runs and bumps into things.
  • Explain how to connect your games to the internet

Unity is the most remarkable platform for game developers. This robust platform handles the heavy lifting. It means you can boost gameplay, user experience, and graphics as well. It also supports C# programing language. Therefore, you can have a huge ecosystem to use prebuilt assets. Moreover, the unity platform has a strong development community.

Unity in Action teaches you to write and deploy engrossing games with Unity. First and foremost, the book contains many interesting examples. The examples are the most powerful way to elaborate even complicated concepts. After getting hands-on experience with an example, you will be capable to start developing your game. Furthermore, you will explore different unity intuitive workflow tools and amazing state of the art rendering engines.

In addition to this, the book has amazing content distribution. First, it starts with basic steps. That includes getting started with Unity, demos. Moreover, adding projectiles and enemies to the 3D game. Besides this, you will develop graphics for your games as well.

Second, this book will move toward some advanced concepts. Therefore, you will learn to build a memory game using the 2D functionality of Unity. Further, learn about 2D platformer creation. Furthermore, you will be capable of putting a GUI onto a game.

At last, this book guides you about how to connect your game to the internet. Besides this, you will add different sound effects and music. So after integrating all parts, your game will be ready!

Unity from Zero to Proficiency (Beginner): A step-by-step guide to coding your first game

  • This book includes 3 built-in games to easily get started.
  • You will find cheat-sheets, many examples, and exercises as well.
  • This book is equally handy for both beginners and advanced learners.

As the name suggests, this book takes rookies to the pro level. First and foremost, this book guides you to create 3 stunning games. The games include 3D survival games, infinite runner and a word guessing game. After creating these games, you will be proficient in both C# programming and Unity as well.

You will find a list of learning objectives at the start of all chapters. Moreover, this book guide you step by step and takes you at an advanced level. In addition to this, you will learn problem-solving skills deeply at the end of each chapter. Furthermore, this book contains a lot of quizzes to test your skills.

You will learn the following things in this book: First, it guides you about the core concepts of C# and overview of the Unity. The programming concepts include variable types, functions, etc. You will write your first script even in the first chapter. So the chapters move on.

Second, this book covers advanced concepts such as adding splash-screen. Moreover, adding a simple inventory system and sound effects. You will further learn about mini-maps somewhere in the mid of this book.

Third, you will move toward the most advanced concepts including non-player characters with AI. Besides this, you will create a word-guessing using 2D features of unity. At last, the book answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

Developing 2D Games with Unity: Independent Game Programming with C#

  • This book helps you dive deeply into useful 2D topics.
  • Learn to build a fully functional 2D RPG-style game
  • Guide you to deploy games to desktop

Developing 2D Games with Unity is a walkthrough of the Unity Engine. This guide teaches you many important 2D-centric lessons. You learn scripting, animations and working with image assets. Furthermore, it also includes cameras, state management, and collision detection as well. In addition to the basics, you will learn many best practices and helpful game architectural patterns.

Besides the above fundamentals, you will learn how to customize Unity according to your needs. So this informative guide helps you to develop a fully functional 2D game. Although Unity is a remarkable platform to develop 3D games. Most books focus on 3D game development. For independent game developers, 2D game development is the most thriving platform. Therefore, this book explains the core concepts of 2D gaming.

So this 2D development guide contains many real-world examples. After gaining hands-on experience with such an example, you will be able to start any gaming project. This book further guides you about different channels to share your game. For example, the PlayStation Store, Google Play and the App Store are prominent channels.

This book has significant importance for all hobbyists with basic programming concepts. Moreover, an interested game developer can develop an amazing game after reading this book.

Unity Game Development Cookbook: Essentials for Every Game

  • This book covers essential game development tools that you need to know.
  • Learn 2D, 3D graphics, Animation and movement, and behavior of AI
  • Adding sounds and music effect and enhance the user interface

This guide helps you to use the Unity engine to develop both 2D and 3D games with full potential. Moreover, you will learn amazing tricks to gameplay, animation, and behavior. If you want to improve your problem-solving skills, this is the most appropriate guide for you.

You can use two different ways to get started with this incredible source. First, you will learn how to apply a collection of snippets to address different gameplay scenarios. For instance, properly keeping score. Second, the guide helps you to understand the Unity game engine using brief recipes. These recipes tech you significant features of the software and scripting systems.

This book will give you many problems to solve. Moreover, different exercises to polish your skills. This book is an ideal guide for beginners to lead them to advancement. In addition to all, you will learn how to input and gameplay. Besides this, you will learn how to control different characters.

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