The 4 best UX Books

User experience, which is also known as UX is an important aspect in computer programming. It has become essential for all the people who work on system development projects to focus on enhancing user experience. The importance of user experience comes into play at the time of developing web applications and mobile applications as well. If you are working on any of those projects, you must have a solid understanding about the basics of user experience and how to use it accordingly. That’s where you can take a look at these UX books. These books guarantee to enhance the overall knowledge that you have on user experience and help you to end up with better results at the end of the day.

The UX Book: Agile UX Design for a Quality User Experience

  • This is a comprehensive book on UX, which will even provide you with samples and exercises to get a better understanding on how to enhance user experience.
  • You can find process, practice and world stories, which would convince the facts that are written in the book.
  • This is one of the few books that share useful details about UX while having agile methodology as the basis of it.

When it comes to ensuring user experience, you need to think about following an agile approach. It can help you to come up with the best possible results from the work that you do at the end of the day. That’s why it is worthy to take a look at this book tilted The UX Book: Agile UX Design for a Quality User Experience. It is important to pay more attention towards the design, while ensuring that all important parts of it are highlighted. The author of this book shares useful and important details on how to achieve it. You just need to follow the instructions and get the job done. The unique approach followed in this book is not formal or theoretical. It can provide a practical experience to all the people who work on the book. You will be able to discover plenty of exercises, examples and even dedicated websites that are developed while adhering to the UX fundamentals.

UX Bites – Small bites of information about User Experience Design

  • You can follow this book to get to know about the most important definitions in user experience.
  • The book provides you with a clear understanding about the value of user experience.
  • It will provide preparation for you to get your hands on real world UX projects and take skills to the next level with ease.

People who are already familiar with the basics of User Experience, but just want to refresh the knowledge that they have can refer to this book. You will be able to get an enhanced experience from it. You will fall in love with what comes to you through the book as well. That’s because the important and essential tips are shared with you in a concise format. Hence, locating them will be an easy thing to do. You will also be able to make your life easy at the time of following concepts shared by the book. Even though small bites of information are shared by UX Bites – Small bites of information about User Experience Design, you will notice that it is one of the heavily packed books available to learn more on user experience as well.

Lean UX: Designing Great Products with Agile Teams

  • This book shares some of the problems that people come across with UX in agile environments and share solutions.
  • You can learn the steps of creating a minimum viable product.
  • You will be able to make the teams more productive with knowledge shared by this book.

If you are a part of an agile team, you will need to follow certain specific instructions when you follow the fundamentals of UX and ensuring that everything is in proper order. That’s where the book titled Lean UX: Designing Great Products with Agile Teams will be able to provide an excellent assistance to you with. The book shares useful details on how the product teams will be able to incorporate iteration, experimentation, and design into the agile process. Along with that, you can also understanding how to keep on learning and introduce UX to the agile environment to receive outstanding results.

101 UX Principles: A Definitive Design Guide

  • This book shares the most important things about user experience, which you should know.
  • You will figure out the process that needs to be followed when you are testing user experience with real world users and how to overcome challenges.
  • It shares most up to date knowledge on user experience.

101 UX Principles: A Definitive Design Guide is an ultimate guidebook, which you can follow with the objective of ensuring the proper implementation and practice of User Experience within the team. In fact, the book shares important details about the most important practices that you must adhere in terms of design and usability. You can simply focus on them and receive excellent results at the end of the day. The book has also been written in an easy to understand language. Therefore, you can go through it and figure out the concepts that are shared by the author with ease.

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