The 4 best Visual Basic Books

Learn Visual Basic 2019 Edition: A Step-By-Step Programming Tutorial

  • A detailed guide for developing desktop applications
  • Includes over 100 practical examples
  • Covers all basic to advanced concepts of Visual Basic

Learn Visual Basic is a useful and comprehensive step by step programming guide. Visual basic is the simplest programming language. It is not only a programming language but also an integrated and interactive development environment. This inclusive book covers many topics that include the visual basic integrated development environment and exception handling.

Learn Visual Basic helps you to learn graphics, sequential file access, and multimedia. This book is equally handy for both beginners and advanced programmers. This book deals with the most advanced concepts including printing, web access and HTML help system authoring.

This tutorial introduces different database applications by using ADO.Net and web application by using ASP.NET. Different universities and colleges have been using this curriculum for over two decades.

The main focus of Learn Visual Basic is to utilize objects and capabilities of Visual Basic to develop a wide variety of useful desktop applications. The book contains different built-in objects such as Calendar Display, Flash Card Math Game, and Stopwatch. Moreover, other remarkable applications include Capital City Quiz, Tic-Tac-Toe, Information Tracker, Statistics Calculator, and Database Input Screen. The list doesn’t end here. There are some other useful applications including Information Tracker, Blackjack, Pie, Bar, Line charts, Pong and a Telephone Directory.

Learn Visual Basic needs a Microsoft Windows operating system. So if you want to develop desktop applications, Visual Basic is one of the finest options. You can get basic to an advanced level by utilizing these incredible tutorials. It is because Learn Visual Basic 2019 Edition contains over 900 pages with detailed guidance.

Beginning Visual Basic 2015 1st Edition

  • Learn all concepts of Visual Basic from very beginners to advance level
  • Become a master in OOP techniques
  • Able to develop all types of desktop applications

Visual Basic is one of the leading programming languages. It is prominent to develop desktop applications. If you are a beginner in the programming world and want to learn Visual Basic, Beginning Visual Basic 2015 is the ideal choice. The main focus of this book to clear all the concepts of beginners. This precise step by step guide walks you through a different task and makes you capable to write your first Visual Basic application.

The book starts from very beginnings assuming that the programmer is totally blank about development. When you move ahead, the book gets advanced gradually. It makes you skillful to write Visual Basic apps for Windows and web. This beginning guide covers OOPS concepts, class libraries, database concepts, graphics, etc. It is very useful to build and distribute different Windows applications by utilizing Windows installer.

Visual studio is the basic environment for Visual Basic programming. Moreover, C# has become more compatible with the visual studio after upgradation. So programmers can move fluidly between the two amazing languages. If you don’t know C#, there is no need to worry. Beginning Visual Basic 2015 build your programming skills from the ground-up.

You will learn the flow control and data structure in this book. Moreover, the book guides you to debug Windows applications, menus, and dialog boxes. You will be proficient in objects and all object-oriented techniques. So you will find a lot of important features in the Beginning Visual Basic 2015.

Microsoft Visual Basic 2017 for Windows, Web, and Database Applications: Comprehensive

  • Provides phenomenal visual demonstration
  • Covers basic to advance concepts of Visual Basic
  • Equipped with numerous real programming assignments

If you are brand new in programming language and looking for a starting point, Visual Basic is the most suitable option for you. There are over three million programmers around the globe using Visual Basic. Many of them take it as a first language. It is a user-friendly, visually oriented and versatile language.

Most probably you would’ve made your mind to get started with Visual Basic. But which is the most suitable guide to learn Visual Basic? Microsoft Visual Basic 2017 for Windows, Web, and Database Applications: Comprehensive is for you! It is an incredible book to learn basic to advance concepts of VB.

You will find an amazing visual demonstration of different programs. All demos have professional quality. This book contains engrossing layout that improves the readability of the book. You will learn all programing concepts with real programming assignments.

The book contains almost 750 pages.  You will learn VB integrated development environment, multimedia, graphics, and exception handling. The book is a perfect guide for all VB developers.

Visual Basic 2015 in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself

  • This book makes you capable enough to distribute your software
  • Strong grip over all Visual Basic concepts
  • Professionally develop a complete app in 24 hrs

Visual Basic 2015 is for those who have no programming experience or intending to start Visual Basic. This book is one of the most impressive books ever written on Visual Basic.

This book facilitates you to write complete, modern and reliable Windows application in just 24 sessions of on hours. It uses a straightforward and step by step approach. Chapter division of this book is amazing. It gives a strong foundation to become a successful programmer.

After reading this book you will be adept to build an entire feature-rich application. To deal with objects, events and collections would be a minor task. You will be capable to design a highly functional and attractive user interface. It makes you capable to use object-oriented techniques. You will create reusable procedures and efficient modules. This book makes you capable to write effective code to preview and print documents. You will easily manipulate text files and graphics.

Visual Basic 2015 is an incredible book that makes you capable to make the most of the forms, modules, controls, and procedures. So this book makes you a professional Visual Basic developer just in 24 hours i.e. 24 hours sessions.

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