The 4 best Web Security Books

The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws

  • This book explores different technologies to defend your sites.
  • Further, cover new remote framework such as HTML5, UI redress
  • Learn practical examples of how to attack a site

Web applications are the opening door for most organizations. Many hackers find different flaws on their website. So they attack their websites and disclose personal information. Moreover, they can execute different fraudulent transactions. As a result, companies suffer a lot. Have you ever faced such attacks?

Do you want to secure your website from such attacks? If so, you need to adopt different up to date techniques to overcome such problems. The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook is an outstanding guide that will help you in this regard. This practice book is an updated and revised edition. So it covers the latest step by step tricks to attack and defend the wide range of evolving web applications.

In addition to this, you will learn different new technologies used in web applications. So this guide further provides you information about reviewing your app where an attack is possible.

What you will learn in this book? So this book exposes how to overcome the new techniques and technologies aim to defend web applications against different attacks. Furthermore, this guide also covers remote frameworks. Such as cross-domain integration techniques, frame busting and HTTP parameter. Besides this, you will learn about HTTP parameter pollution and hybrid file attacks.

Moreover, this book features a companion website that allows you to try out the attacks. So what you learn in this book will practice on the website to test your skills.

Hacking Web Apps: Detecting and Preventing Web Application Security Problems

  • This book covers many vicious attacks and how to defend against them
  • Learn about SQL injection, Logic attacks and much more
  • Further, learn what flaws make these attacks possible

How to keep up all the hacks, exploits and attack information on the web by a security professional? There are different ways to do so. Looking for the best one? So Hacking Web Apps is an optimum option to make your web secure against such attacks. This book provides information on how to defend against the most vicious attacks.

Besides this, you will find not only information about these severe attacks but also how to defend them. Moreover, you will learn how to get rid of some Trojans, botnets, and worms in the future. This book further explains how these attacks evolve. It helps you to protect your website.

What type of attacks you will learn in this book? So this book covers different types of attacks ranges from most common to vital. Such as SQL injection, server misconfigurations, cross-site scripting, and predictable pages. The list further includes logic attacks, the web of distrust and breaking authentications schemes. Moreover, you will learn about HTML5 security breaches and attacks on Mobile apps a well.

You might be thinking that maybe you need to write HTML code to learn all things. If you don’t know about HTML, Hacking Web Apps still helps you to understand these concepts.

Deep Web Secrecy And Security (including Deep Search) (Deep Web Guides)

  • This guide guides you about traveling the deep web.
  • Learn to set up secure communication
  • Blog and post anonymously & erase and protect your activates

Have you ever heard about the deep web? Everyone knows the internet is not a secure place. Because sword of risk keeps hovering over your head all the time. Everything you do on the internet. Every file or an image you download. Every message or email you receive or send. Even every site you visit your computer is signed in somewhere.

In the perfect world, you don’t need to worry. However, you are not sitting in the perfect world. Someone is always going through your personal data directly or indirectly. Form democratic governments to totalitarian regimes everyone wants to access your personal data. They further want to read your messages and emails.

Do you want to save your data from online hazards? Obviously yes! So you need an ideal guide to enhance your security. Deep Web Secrecy and Security is the best guide to consider.

So what you will learn in this informative book? This book explains different aspects to make sure of your security. It further teaches you how to travel the deep web. Moreover, this book covers different advanced concepts. Such as protecting yourself online, blog and post anonymously. Furthermore, how to erase and protect your activities.

At last, this book guides you about how to hind and encrypt anything. Uploading and downloading secretly. So you will learn about even accessing banned websites.

Pro ASP.NET Web API Security: Securing ASP.NET Web API (Expert’s Voice in .NET)

  • This book provides a robust solution for your web security.
  • Learn how to secure your code without SOAP
  • Cover different security flaws in your websites

ASP.NET web API is the most important part of ASP.NET MV4. It is a great platform to build RESTful services that are easily accessible for a wide range of devices. Everything that is online can access and consume your services. Such as services like JavaScript libraries to RIA plugins and smartphones to RFID can use your services by using platform-agnostic HTTP.

So in this situation, it is very essential to secure your code should be the first priority. Moreover, you would be most probably familiar that WCF security protocols are less suitable in current situations. You will find these security protocols up to the mark in terms of the standards they can work with.

If you want to enhance the security of your web, you need a robust source. Luckily, Pro ASP.NET Web API Security is one of the finest options to secure your website. ASP.NET web API provides the fit and secure programming model to secure your code. Even without the need for SOAP. It means, there is no limit in the device that can work with it!

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