The 4 best Windows Server Books

Mastering Windows Server 2019: The complete guide for IT professionals to install and manage Windows Server 2019 and deploy new capabilities, 2nd Edition

  • Support the latest features of 2019
  • Facilitate to learn skills for MS Server 2019 implementation
  • Manage Windows server 2019 efficiently with the best practical examples

Windows Server 2019 offers a lot the IT professionals and administrators. This updated edition helps you to understand different essential concepts. So these concepts include using and implementing the Windows server for your data center computing needs.

What you will learn in this informative guide? This book explains the complete interface of Windows server 2019 such as Windows Admin Center. Furthermore, you will learn how to secure your network and data by using advanced technologies. Besides this, it explains different containers and when to use Nano Server.

In addition to this, the guide discovers new approaches to integrating data center to MS Azure. You will further learn to virtualize your data center by using Hyper-V. You will explore the Power shell and Server Manager. Different new updates such as Windows Admin Server. However, the main focus of this book is to explore all aspects of Windows Server 2019.

Monitoring and centralized management are the main concepts to understand. Moreover, the configuration of the server is also a key concept for an efficient IT department. Therefore, this book covers all such features. At last, you will learn many remote access technologies that exist in this operating system. After completing the last chapter, you will be the pro in MS Windows Server 2019!

Windows Server 2016: The Administrator’s Reference

  • This book covers everything you need to know.
  • Explains containers, virtualizations, Nano Server, and Server configuration
  • Deployment of essential infrastructures services

This book provides expert insights, tricks, and tips about the Windows Server 2016. This book covers basic to advanced concepts in detail. So this book is very suitable for beginners to advanced learners.

What topics this book cover? Well, the list goes a long way. So this book explains configuring server roles, services and features. Besides this, it covers managing and troubleshooting Active Directory. You will further learn about creating and managing your groups and different computer accounts.

In addition to this, the guide covers group policy for the administration. Deploying the necessary infrastructure services such as DNS and DHCP. So this book starts from welcoming you in the Windows Server 2016. Then move towards advanced concepts gradually. Such as you will learn to work and configuring of this operating system.

Above all, you will learn how to optimize the performance and security of this OS. Furthermore, you will implement TCP/ IP networking. Windows Server 2016: The Administrator’s Reference teaches you different essentials. Such as partitioning and optimizing drives. Further TMP and BitLocker Drive Encryption. Implementing File sharing and print services.

Do you know configuring disk quotas? So this guide will explain. You will be capable to implement and manage DHCP and DNS. So this book takes you from a rookie to the master level in the administration field. After reading this book, you will be master in complex topics, techniques, and commands.

Windows Server 2016 Administration Fundamentals: Deploy, set up, and deliver network services with Windows Server while preparing for the MTA 98-365 exam and pass it with ease

  • Cover all fundamentals to manage and administer Windows Server 2016
  • A step by step guide to managing even enterprise environment
  • Further learn to manage strong networking and security

If you are a Windows lover, you will be familiar with Windows Server 2016. It is a part of the Windows NT family of the operating system. If you want to learn about this OS, this book is for you! So if you are an absolute beginner, this is the finest book to get started. First of all, this book prepares you for the MTA-98-365 exam.

Furthermore, this book contains the best visuals for your better understanding. The other important feature of this book is to explain concepts step by step and with precise wordings. The book starts with basic concepts such as installing Windows Server 2016. This book further passes through different advanced and difficult concepts.

So what you will learn in this book? Above all, you will learn almost everything related to this OS. Such as pre and post-installation tasks. Directory services in this operating system. Furthermore, it covers the implementation, tuning, and maintenance of the OS.

After the completion of this book, you will be adept at the fundamentals of this operating system. You will also be capable to implement different networks for your company. After all, you will effectively manage the security of your network as well.

Windows Server 2016 Unleashed (includes Content Update Program)

  • You will learn plan, install, and how to deploy Windows Server 2016.
  • Reliable networking services such as DNS, DHCP, and IPAM
  • Further, protect data in transit PKI and IPsec encryption

Windows Server 2016 Unleashed provides the most effective way to learn Windows Server 2016. This incredible guide also covers all aspects of deploying to managing this operating system. So you will learn Active Directory, Networking, security, and administration. This book is an astounding addition in the world of Windows Server 2016 knowledge.

What you will learn in this incredible guide? So you will take start with the basic concept. Such as installing and managing this operating system. Then you will move to implement reliable networking such as DNS, DNSSEC, IIS, and WINS. Furthermore, this guide explains how to improve server-level security systematically.

This incredible guide further explains leverage integrated applications such as Hyper-V. You will learn advanced fault tolerance implementation. This book also teaches you about clustering and other useful business continuity features. You will further learn to tune and debugging as well.

In addition to this, it provides suitable remote and mobile access to the users. After the end of the last chapter, you will be capable to administer and automate this OS. Finally, you will be further capable of maintaining and document Windows Server production environments.

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