The 4 best WPF Books

Learn WPF MVVM – XAML, C# and the MVVM pattern (LLB.INFORMATIQ)

  • This book doesn’t require previous programming knowledge.
  • Further, use very simple language to make all concepts clear.
  • It also includes useful examples for better and easy understanding.

WPF is the most robust component of the .NET Framework 3.0. This framework is very helpful to create rich and compelling applications. This framework assists you to build the most powerful and killing user interfaces. Further, it offers you to integrate animations, 3D graphics and audio/ video.

Moreover, these frameworks come with rich document supports. Plus speech recognition and much more. Do you have any programming experience? No? Fine! If you know nothing about any programming language, you can still start coding using WPF and the MVVM Pattern. WPF stands for Windows Foundation Development.

In addition, this book covers all concepts about XAML. XAML stands for Extensible Application Markup Language. This book is very useful for beginner developers. However, it can be very advantageous for experienced programmers. Above all, this book comes with a lot of useful exercises. Exercises play a significant role to polish your skills. So you will find different exercises in each chapter.

Plus, it contains many valuable projects. So you will learn about different projects. These projects are very helpful for your learning process. After building these projects successfully, you will be capable to build any project. So you can easily meet the requirements of your client by building complex projects.

Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed (WPF)

  • This book is very useful for an absolute beginner.
  • Further, this book explains everything related to the Extensible Application Markup Language.
  • It is also helpful to create sophisticated UI mechanisms.

WFP is a significant component of the .NET Framework 3.0. It helps you to build richer and more compelling applications. Moreover, you can develop traditional user interfaces. Plus, you can integrate audio/ videos, animation, 3D graphics, and dynamic skinning. Besides, you can add rich document support, speech recognition and much more.

In addition, you can achieve these tasks in a resolution-independent and seamless manner. To learn all these things, an ordinary book is not enough. You need to have a book like Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed. This book teaches you every bit of detail about XAML.

Besides, this book explains in detail all WPF features. Such as controls, resources, and styling. Besides this, learn layout, graphics, and animation as well. In this incredible guide, the author covers non-mainstream topics. Such as documents and speech, bitmap effects.

This book further features 3D graphics for compelling designs. This guide also teaches you about popular UI elements. For example, it introduces MS Office System Galleries. It further continues with custom control layouts and Screen Tips. You will also learn about complex UI mechanisms like Visual Studio-like collapsible pane.

This guide further follows how to design and deploy different kinds of applications. Such as apps hosted in a Web browser. Furthermore, navigation-based applications. This book also explains how to create stunning controls using WPF. It further allows you to create hybrid WPF software. This software helps in ActiveX, Windows Form.

Windows Presentation Foundation Development Cookbook: 100 recipes to build rich desktop client applications on Windows

  • This book builds your strong foundation in WPF features.
  • It further enhances your efficiency after going through Performance tuning.
  • You will also learn about building decoupled and maintainable apps using the MVVM pattern.

New developers are the main target of this cookbook. If you know nothing about WFP, still you can learn different recipes to become a pro. Plus, if you are familiar with WFP and want deep understanding, this book is also for you. However, this book requires a little bit of knowledge of C# and visual studio for better understanding.

So what you will learn in this book? This incredible guide helps you to understand the basics of WPF. Then you will explore many useful controls and layout management of different elements. This book further continues with data binding. After learning basics, you will be capable to customize different elements.

In addition, you will also customize styles, templates, and even controls. For being a pro, do read Windows Presentation Foundation Development Cookbook. This book provides several recipes to make you a guru in WPF. It further leverages the MVVM patterns to create a useful and reusable structure in your code.

Besides, you will learn in detail about practical animations. Plus, it makes you master the integration of WCF services with WPF applications. Furthermore, you can build WPF support to debug and asynchronous operations. Finally, you will learn from the fundamentals of WPF to threading!

Programming WPF

  • This book comes with the best visuals for a better understanding.
  • Further, it covers everything you need to know about XAMPL using examples.
  • It also explains Windows legacy applications and Windows Forms.

If you want to utilize the new user interface of Windows Vista, you need WPF. So you will have to build different apps using the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation. To learn WPF, Programming WPF is one of the best options. This incredible source helps you to learn very quickly.

WPF is the new and robust .NET framework for Windows Vista. Plush, it also works with Windows XP as well. This framework comes with a new graphics engine. This new engine supports 3D graphics. Moreover, it also supports animations and XML based markup language.

XAML is very useful to declare different structures for your Windows UI. In addition, the new edition of this book includes chapters that explain printing and navigation. It also includes a new appendix that covers WPF/ E platforms.

Programming WPF is a colorful book. So it enhances its readability. This book also helps you to use different colors to achieve stunning graphic effects. Moreover, this book explains different features that support Windows legacy applications. It further includes different features that support interoperability with Windows Forms. Finally, this book takes you a rookie and make you a pro in WPF.

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